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Dionysia festival 2023

Brand Identity for the cultural festival Dionysia 2023, organised by the Municipality of Dionysos.

In antiquity during the celebration of god Dionysus, one was offered the chance to enter a new realm, where exploration and play were protagonists. With means like masks, Theater play and wine, it was possible to detach from the everyday self and experiment freely. Legend has it that the god himself taught the ancient habitants of modern day Dionisos municipality the ways of winemaking. The wine was held and transferred in special containers named Kyathos. With the help of god Eros, the final destination of the journey could be achieved, that is fulfilled love.

Our lives are made of many pivotal moments. During these milestones, the density of important events reaches the highest peak. The same can be said about the way human history unfolds. If we take a closer look, these moments are made of similar components, sentiments, thoughts and actions. How these components come together each time is unique. The same logic was followed while designing the brand identity of this year’s Dionysia festival, having as a keyword the Greek word Stathmos, meaning milestone and train station simultaneously. The fundamental element creating the theater symbol for the Dionysia logo was used to tell the visual story of the aforementioned journey one used to follow during the celebration of god Dionysus. Beginning at the Altar of the god (Dionysos, 150 BC), a marble mask (National Archaeological Museum, 300-250 BC), a Kyathos container vase (Canellopoulos Museum, 450 -440 BC) and god Eros himself (Louvre Museum, 350 BC) are successively formed. Thus, the material and the spiritual worlds will meet each other again this Summer at Dionysia Festival.


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