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Alexandros Kokkolas is a graphic designer, tutor, consultant, beta-tester, volunteer, tennis player and -most of all- husband & father. As a creative mind, he likes to get involved in the workflow and bring up ideas.

Adores technology and -at the same time- he’s fond of old typesetting machines and creative printing. Worships communicating with his students, as a tutor at Vakalo college of art & design since 2003.

He runs the akc creative agency since 2002. The major priority; original creative and communication ideas tailored to the needs of each objective, in cooperation with people to bring innovative design to the next level, providing all necessary services -from consulting and design to print or online- to numerous major and minor clients throughout the years, always ready to propose new ideas to promote the clients’ interests in all sectors of communication; branding, packaging, brochures, ads, booths, sites, videos, and many more.

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